25 Days Of Christmas: African Cinematics #2018BOTY

state of malambia chebet

Hello December Hello 

The festive season is here can you feel it? My friends and I are doing 25 Days of Christmas to celebrate the Best Of The Year #2018BOTY

Day 1 should be easy right, what movie highlighted my year? Well the answer will surprise you…..

I havent seen them yet. 

First on my list is State Of Malambia

State of Malambia

State of Malambia is a local Zimbabwean production and at $105 000 its easily one of the biggest budget films this side of the Sahara desert has seen. I am sure pretty much everyone has heard of Wakanda, the fictitious state in Africa from which the Black Panther comes.

When I watched Black Panther I had this feeling at the back of my head, that why must we wait for Big Budget Movie Companies to create movies about Africa and get actors who have never set foot here to tell our stories and mangle our accents while they were at it.  I am sure we have a long way to go to reach cinematic excellence but I am all for anyone who is willing to put themselves out there and say “this, this is my part in reclaiming our narrative.”

“Boundaries also enslave and that is a State Of Malambia”

I missed out on a special screening on Wednesday (28 November) when one could have met up with the media cast and crew but State of Malambia is out and its coming  to a screen near you 

On a curious aside, a friend and fellow blogger is in the cast, how about that… I never knew they were in it until fairly recently when I spotted them in promo footage and I was never ready, I will wait for E to read this and come at me in the comments then you will know who it is too if you didnt ha!

Next is Chebet


Chebet is a short animation project by the Samaritan Multimedia team of Uganda (again I dont mean to brag but I know someone who worked on the script, see my people do the most, I am doing a happy dance as I type this.)  

Chebet was not only nominated but won the award for best animation in the 2018 Uganda Film Festival.

I havent seen Chebet yet but I am keeping my eyes open and you should look out for it too…… 

But of course it would be cheating if I didnt mention a 2018 movie that I actually watched, no prizes for guessing….. Black Panther and you can read my thoughts HERE


feel free to jumpand write your best of the year posts just include the hashtag #2018BOTY in your tags and when you share on social media



  1. Trust you to pick Black Panther after all that. State of Malambia news has been scant. So scant I had no idea that it was the much talked about high budget movie. Let me watch that trailer and see if I’m loooking forward to it.

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    1. Its something I have noticed that the guys in movies and TV dont seem to know how to hype up their productions I dont if its cause they expect it should just hype itself up or what, I was actually quite surprised that we have quite a couple of cinematic features off the top of my head, I can name Yellow Card which is from yesteryear and most just seem to end up as trailers or just have a premiere theater showing and then disappear until they need you to vote for them in awards …..
      Maybe they are afraid of hyping too much in case the production doesnt match the hype, or dont finish the project remember Marc Mandisoul had another movie Zambezi with a wicked youtube trailer which never made the light of day…
      hahahaha as for Black Panther I still love hoe it made Africa Cool most Hollywood flicks tend to show the other Africa, you know the tears of the sun, hotel rwanda ….. but Wakanda Forever lo and behold it paves way for have our own narratives and we can talk about how the mutapa state is the original wakanda


  2. Such a wonderful challenge, and a brilliant post highlighting African narratives. I’ll sure keep up with your conversations. 🙂

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    1. hahahaha To be honest I havent watched the other movies either hahahaha and I would probably never have heard of them which is why I decided I should share them ….


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