Of the flames of a revolution


Waiting for a friend in a seedy bar in an obscure part of town.
Strange thing about having locks as a hairstyle, people tend to be all one love want to share their ideas and booze and weed (if any police persons or parents of mine are reading this, I have never smoked ever)
Having small talk with this guy who I just passed this Hari Yemadzisahwira (A Calabash for friendship” as it is known. It’s best shared.)

2015-05-21 13.43.jpg
He downed its remaining contents in two successive swallows, belched, and resumed talking about current affairs.
The economy, electricity shortage, the banning and unbanning of some things, terrorist attacks.
I made the appropriate responses but did not commit to any opinions. It’s generally known that having public opinions is bad for your health, people have been known to go missing simply for far less.
So this acquaintance of mine was saying we must just get up and riot…

Which had me thinking……

RIOTS  And Revolution

If you’re upset about
something, instead of reasoning it out….
Just start rioting,
run through the streets,
bust your way into stores,
Watch people start panicking,
Loot something,
take back what you never had,
destroy property,
set things on fire,
People are things too,
statues must fall,
Everything must fall,
Rocks must be thrown,
Call it geology as you throw rocks,
Barricade roads,
You can come only if you join
But no one must go,
Aren’t you all sick and tired of being sick and tired,
Well here is the cure for the sickness,
Bold man take action,
throw rocks at the police because they should be protecting and serving YOU
Protest is your only voice,
Or your favorite choice,
That makes you EVEN
Even with The System,
the police,
the government.
Because they failed.
When the ones who are suppose to keep the peace disturb the peace.
When they go back on the promises and lies they told to get votes,
When public funds disappear and designer mansions and luxury cars appear,
When they say be patriotic, yet their kids learn at institutions abroad,
When they take away with one hand what they gave you with the other.
When they will not listen to you unless you speak loudly and brandish a large stick,
And even then their answer is to hold an even larger stick to firmly resolve issues.
when they make you disappear for calling them out,
And every day,
in the TV on the news,
you see them,
On the radio every hour,
You hear them,
telling you everything is fine
And you are in the living room watching like what did they say?


Don’t forget to wear good running shoes,
a face mask for the teargas,
and bring a lighter to burn your OWN city down…
Watch it all burn

You made it to breaking world news,
your protest will be televised,
and people will tweet about it,
And now you have successfully raised awareness on your plight,
never mind the cost,
never mind that at all never mind that it got
A little out of hand,
Never mind that it all kinda escalated,

Lilies will sprout and mankind will lock arms and sing kumbaya joyously together.
Your victory stands before you or rather it lies crumbled around you,
Nothing but rubble
maybe the world will help you build a new city, a better city, from the rubble,
Maybe they will just watch and tweet about it,
To build a city from rubble first you need there to be RUBBLE……

maybe we do not need to build a new world simply fix the one we have,

revolution is a  fire slow to start but once it flames it wont stop burning leaving nothing but ashes.


~images courtesy of Reuters




  1. whoa!!! this the same thing happening in our place as well. I strongly felt you are writing about the riots and protest here :!


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