splashes of words on my screen

The temperature suddenly drops,
the wind ceases to blow,
ominously stops,
calm before the storm,
the day darkens as the sun vanishes behind thick clouds,
the sky turns that unique shade of greyish-black that makes you want to dig up your roses and replant them indoors,
for a storm is a-brewing,
an electric blue flash of lightning ,
illuminates in high contrast the skys darkening ,
time appears to stop,
all you hear is your heartbeat,
lubdub lubdub lubdub,
not for long,
the silence comes to an abrupt end,
punctuated by a deafening clap of thunder, that rumbles seemingly for an eternity,
a distinct scent of wet soil blows in with the winds that sprout from nowhere,
pat …,
pat as the first drops fall from the heavens,
pat …
an icy crystal lands on your arm,
as you retreat from door another flash pierces the skys,
the falling drops increase in intensity partly drowning out the resultant thunder clap,
pitter patter goes the rain increasing in momentum,
and you close the door to the afternoon storm,
peering out the window all you see is a white curtain of rain,
if you get any closer to the window your breath fogs it up,
and you back away from the window after another blinding flash of lightning
and the windows rattle in the thunder,
in moments the perfect day turns into perfect storm,
But it never last forever,
slowly the rain drips to trickle,
lightning flash to only a twinkle,
and the thunder just a distant murmur,
the winds die down from howling banshee to just a gentle caress,
large water drops dislodged from tree branches waving the storm goodbye ,
they can be heard as they strike the ground,
and a burst of colour hugs the sky arms stretching from, horizon to horizon,
a rainbow vividly colours the sky in a glorious phenomenom,
a promise that no tempest will last forever,
no storm ceases never
the sun will shine on
as it glints off raindrop-coated world,
bathing the world in a glitering sparkle,
the sky looks bluer,
the greenery looks,
the world just needed a bath,
and you cant help sing to the music
I can see clearly now the rain has gone,..Imagematrix

the patient tick

….. like that tick in the tree,

for which life has nothing better to offer than perpetual hibernation.

The ugly little tick,

which by rolling its blue-gray body up into a ball offers the least possible surface to the world;

which by making its skin smooth and dense emits nothing,

lets not the tiniest bit of perspiration escape.

The tick,

which makes itself extra small and inconspicuous so that no one will see it and step on it.

The lonely tick,

which, wrapped up in itself,

huddles in its tree,




and simply sniffs,

sniffs all year long,

for miles around,

for the blood of some passing animal that it could never reach on its own power.

The tick could let itself drop.

It could fall to the floor of the forest and creep a millimeter or two here or there on its six tiny legs and lie down to die under the leaves-,

it would be no great loss, God knows.

But the tick,



and loathsome,

huddles there and lives and waits.


for that most improbable of chances that will bring blood,

in animal form,

directly beneath its tree. And only then does it abandon caution and drop,

and scratch

and bore

and bite into that alien flesh.

The patience of those who wait for they seek

~perfume the story of a murderer

musings of insomniacs

I am from
my comfortable duvet and
climbing out of my bed,

I am from my alarm going off and puting a pillow on my head to get a few more sleeps,

I am from looking for a midnite snack and the beeping of the microwave in a silent house waking up everyone else,

From playing in the
bathtub and blowing soap bubbles,

I am from walking my dog,
and the noise he makes when I step
on his tail.

I am from my energy saver florescent nightlight, and not opening my curtains during the day coz the light hurts my eyes,

I am from fantasizing that I am a night creature, a vampire or fairytale prince and wondering if i shall kiss to wake a sleeping beauty,

I am from Sponge Bob Square Pants and the
Bikini Bottom folk.

I am from spinning round and round until
I can’t tell where I am
Seeing the world upside-down.

I am from long days at school
and hurrying home to watch
and even longer nites studying.

I am from a school trip and standing up in front of the whole school during assembly to report back,

I am from sneaking trips to Guavaland,
and wishing i hadnt,

From roasted peanuts at
grandma’s house,
and telling stories under a full moon,

I am from summer days in the pool and winter days sitting by the fireplace,

I am from playing on the lawn And running through the sprinklers.

From my imaginary friends and
the games we used to play .

I am from trips to the mall,
and pretending to be a celebrity,

I am from talking along to my favorite movie scenes
,And that one time I fell off a tricycle and scarred my knee .

I am from feeling slightly sad after closing the last page of a good book,
and looking for something else to read hoping it will be as intriguing,

I am from the one, two , kick and up
of my feet,
steps that one time
that I decided to ballroom dance.
And the partner whose toes I stepped on.

I am from a Bee sting with that bloated swollen look that comes with it,
and keeping indoors till the swelling lessens,

I am from being afraid to sleep in the dark after watching a scary movie and the sleepless nites fearing nightmares,

I am from scared shrekless,
and craving gingerbread confections

I am from conversations with Joiè and smiling for no reason,

I am from laughing till my stomach aches like i been doing crunches and tickling you till you breathless,

I am from rereading all the messages in my phone and in my mind i hear your voice speak the words,

I am from cooking interesting meals and not following any recipe and then not remembering how i got it that way each trial a deliteful surprise,

I am from trying new things,
and not letting go of the old,

I am from sessions at the gym,
and the sore muscles it comes with,

I am from rainy days
and counting lightning flashes,

from Saturday morning cartoon tales from the crypt keeper and jelly tots with kellogs cereal

I am from walks on the lakeside, collecting colored rocks,
and my footprints in the sand ,

I am from not wanting to go home when school is out,
And not wanting to go to school after

I am from changing the channel when the back to school commercials air on tv,
and wishing I could pause or rewind time even fastforward some moments.

I am from killing chickens and stuffing and dressing them,

I am from going for hikes and getting lost in a veld fire,

I am from toy guns and glass shoes,

From playing with my siblings,
and pretending to be all grown up.

I am from getting drunk the first time and not remembering what happened or how I got home

I am from books and flashlights

from pens and paper and all the letters i wrote and didnt send.

From silence to screaming.

I am from tears on my pillow
And unanswered cries.

I am from missing you and wondering if you miss me too,

From holding your hand
And that look in your eyes.

I am from the past
and the present

I am from memories of the future and visions of the past

I am from hard work and
Harder play.

And I am ,
from writing down
On a sleepless nite.

the man in the mask

Of masquerades
life is one big masquerade ball,
fancy dress and masks,
hiding our true selves,
showing only what we wish revealed,
keeping everything else concealed,
so many lives,
living their present life trying to be,

someone others want to see,

Many hiding the real person inside,

behind a veil ,
Maybe, they are living one big lie,
never knowing the reason why.
Some people choose to just exist,

living their life in a virtual mist,

Following others they don’t know,

who live life like one big show,

Simply following that big crowd,

who are you really beneath your mask,
when the clock chimes midnite ,
and masks come off,
I wear a mask beneath my mask,
beneath that perhaps yet another mask,
afraid that without it,
you would know my secret,
that there’s nothing beneath it,
i cease to exist,
without it i vanish,
i am the invisible man,
you wouldnt see me,
maybe just maybe,
beneath your mask you are invisible too,
maybe just maybe,
thats why you keep your mask on,
long after the music stops,
and the dance has ended.
The charade lingers on.
Don’t hide behind that mask of your’s,
Don’t shy away from the crowd ,
Don’t hide in the corner where
darkness takes over,
No one is looking at you No one is watching
No one is judging you

There is a life to live and you are
invited to attend There will be music and dancing,
laughter and smiling,
There will be hugs and cheers ,
heartaches and tears,
there will be love lost and love found,

Take your defensive mask down ,
Take the chance to be known,
Take the knowledge that no one is
Let yourself go
Set freedom to the caged bird inside
Make tonight the night you live for
yourself and not for others…

i’m a ragged
notebook paper
torn from its
with meaningless ink doodles tatooed on my page,
careless etchings of a distracted mind,
discarded like a used paper towel,
all crumpled up,
and tossed,
left to drift in the wind,

like an unwelcome thought,
which comes to mind unbidden,
but destined to wind hidden,
as uttering it cant be forgiven,
you cant apologise for thoughts unsaid,
so just bury it in an marked recess,
of the dark rivers of my mind,
and forgotten like yesterday’s meal,

like a fast-food meal eaten on the go,
feasted and gone,
with nothing to
show ,
other than a distaste
plastic utensils,
that make
taste so ordinary and temporary,


of each breath

with each breath,
each heartbeat
each smile
each memory
each tear drop
each laugh
each hug
each moment
marking and measuring
its not how many breaths you take,
its what happens with each breath,
betwen the beats of the heart,